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Stephanie Robilio

Meet Stephanie

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Stephanie Robilio graduated from Florida State University with Bachelor’s in Sociology and a Minor in psychology, before earning her Master’s of Social Work from Florida Atlantic University. A Licensed Clinical social worker, Stephanie has over ten years of training in trauma, Mental Health, and more. She wants to help individuals connect to inner power and overcome barriers to create a life of wellness in mind, body, and spirit with a combination of:

Personalized Therapy
Exceptional Workshops and Retreats
Engaging Coaching
Educational Public Speaking Events
Effective Digital Courses

Wellnow Mind

WellNow will help teach you how to optimize your mental and emotional wellbeing by encouraging you to practice awareness, acceptance, and accountability; expressing and managing your feelings; using positive affirmations; practicing gratitude; facing and coping with your emotions; acknowledging your emotions as valid, and more.

WellNow Body

It is important to make daily choices that support the health of your body and maintain your quality of life so you can feel good through your daily experiences. WellNow focuses on encouraging daily exercise to help improve your physical wellness and emotional well-being; being mindful about what you eat, and rejuvenating your body through sleep.

WellNow Spiriti

Spiritual Wellness is developing a connection with yourself and something greater than you, so that you know there is meaning and purpose to life. This workbook helps create spiritual wellness by helping you become aware of yourself and others around you, connecting to something greater like art or nature, and living in the present moment.