Unplug for More Mindful Living
Unplug for More Mindful Living

Turn off push notifications. While getting updates on what’s happening in the world is helpful at times, it’s also distracting. If you’re constantly checking your phone for news updates or social media likes, you’re not getting much focus time, which is essential for completing tasks, goals, and even dreams.

Make your bedroom a “no-tech” zone. You most likely use your phone as an alarm, which can be detrimental. The moment you look at the screen, you become plugged into emails, text messages, missed calls, and other notifications. Consider going old school with an alarm clock and save the cell for outside the bedroom.

Bring paper back. People often read on a Kindle, but reading from a paper book allows for time and space away from the screen.

Unsubscribe from what isn’t serving you. Take the time to unsubscribe from the newsletters that clutter your inbox, serve you no purpose, and distract you.

Ban devices at dinner and all tech from the table. Use table time to have real face time; be present and have meaningful conversations with your friends and loved ones.

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