Through my experience, it has become very clear that a large majority of clients need a progressive resource to support their recovery process. To fill this need, I created WellNow, a 30-day workbook, and guide filled with tools that will not only assist your clients but also can be a helpful resource to your therapists by providing a framework and guide to assist in the course of care and treatment, within your program.

Over the last decade, I have been working with many individuals struggling with unresolved trauma, which has manifested as addiction and/or mental health issues. I have found that most individuals don’t know what it means to heal or recover. They struggle to know how to start the healing and recovery process, or how to begin doing the work that will allow them to overcome their past trauma and create healthier patterns.

WellNow workbook was written specifically to assist this client by not only helping them become aware of the patterns that keep them stuck in addiction and/or poor mental health but also by offering guidance and the skills needed to create positive change in their life. WellNow will support the clinical team by providing clinical content that can be used both in individual and group therapy that they are receiving in your program.

WellNow has been used as a tool in my practice with individuals and groups and here are some results I’ve seen:

• Increased participation and engagement in both individual and group therapy.
• A deeper understanding of self, brings clarity and relief, allowing for real change to take place.
• Quickly get into the action stage of change because they have a guide to follow and simple, realistic skills they can begin applying right away.
• Most individuals report feeling empowered as they are given an opportunity to find the answers that are within them through this guide.
• Increased trust in self and confidence to maintain their personal stability and sobriety.
The therapists that have utilized WellNow in their practice report it has been an incredible resource that provides a guide to do the following:

• Helps to develop the treatment plan in accordance with JCAHO, DCF, and Insurance standards.
• Offers a framework for the course of care and treatment.
• Great source for homework assignments and content for group settings.
• Helps to quickly get into action because there is a guide to follow, making the therapist and client relationship more efficient and aligned.
• Helps to cultivate rapport and connection between the therapist and client.
• Creates more cohesion within the community as clients are able to experience share, relate, and provide peer-to-peer feedback.

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“I absolutely love this workbook. Stephanie is a true professional who has poured her heart and soul into this workbook. The author has inspired me on her Instagram page and has other books and podcasts. The workbook is an easy read and very inspiring. I often finish the 30 day series on a separate piece of paper and do it over again. We are always changing. Unlearning and learning new things and letting go of limiting beliefs. I can’t say enough about this beautiful guide and the author Stephanie who is a beautiful soul inside and out. You deserve to feel WellNow.” – Francine